Everyone grew up being told to never discuss religion or politics, and few subjects have separated more families, caused more war or generated more strife than politics.  I guess I never understood why.  Politics is supposed to be about compromise and agreement, but it's devolved into such a polarized and divisive subject that there are few who can discuss it without getting angry and resorting to name calling, and sometimes physical violence.  Look, we might disagree on politics, but I can still have you to my house for coffee and dinner, because at your core, you are a fellow human being and God loves you just as much as he loves me.  Katherine Johnson said, "I am as good as anybody else, but no better."


Politics should never be polarized either.  It IS actually possible to like one or more characteristic of a person running for office or holding office and dislike others.  One should NEVER make a decision about whether or not to support a candidate or office holder based on one single characteristic or position.  Some examples are that Hillary had excellent qualifications to be president and she had some aspects of her character that were highly questionable.  The press made it out like to even say one good or bad word about her was to be 100% for or against her and that is the polarization that has infested our press and our country.  IF she had won, she probably would have been a pretty good president.  Her time as a first lady, a senator and as secretary of state clearly prepared her for leadership roles and she is a strong leader.  The world would not have been any worse off if she had won.


The same thing can be said about Donald Trump.  Yes, the man is a narcissistic, misogynistic, and racist asshole.  He has also done pretty damn well managing the economy.  He's better suited for managing the economy and would do a better job that Hillary.  Saying something good about the man - or in Hillary's case the woman - does not relegate you to the status of party traitor worthy of execution.


Another example of what we do wrong is the Brent Kavanaugh debacle.  Surely no one REALLY believes that the posting of a supreme court justice should be decided solely upon his position on abortion, or something that he may or may not have done when he was in HIGH SCHOOL?  Do we really?  How sad is that?  If people were disqualified for stupid things they did in high school, 99.9% of the world would be potato chip fryers!  Also, the supreme court deals with a LOT more than just abortion!  I want to know that the man is a competent jurist and that he can apply the law fairly and objectively, absent his personal belief system.  You will note that the one question he was NOT asked was had he ever made a ruling he personally disagreed with but made because that's what the law required?  Every judge who is objective does that and when they do, they are demonstrating their integrity and objectivity.  Kavanaugh has a long and storied career as a jurist and should not have been subjected to such abuse and ridicule.  It's a shame.


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