Justice is something that I don't think a lot of people concern themselves with.  There is an entire segment of the population that live their entire lives and never have an encounter with the criminal justice system in the United States.  For them - at least I think this is true - justice is an abstract concept and they all just assume things are as good as they can get so it doesn't concern them.  That is not me.  That being said, it's not just about if you encounter the criminal justice system.  It's about is that system fair and is it staffed with people of integrity, who are well trained at their jobs, and who have the personal honor strong enough to do the job objectively and fairly?  It matters in a society if its criminal justice system is fair and it matters if the people who make up that system are "good" people who do the right thing.


Our current criminal justice system is much like the catholic church.  It's rotten to the core with bad cops, bad prosecutors, bad judges and the system is broken beyond repair.  In 2020, it's now safer and more prudent to distrust those in law enforcement and the justice system than it is to trust them.


I'm sure that someone read that and said, "Yeah, wait until you dial 911 and no one comes."  You see, THAT statement, especially when it's made by someone in law enforcement of criminal justice makes my point exactly.  The GOOD cops would come when I called 911.  That's their job and they have integrity and honor and they protect and serve those who support them and those who don't.


Are there good cops?  Sure.  Are their good people in the courts and in the prosecutor's office?  Sure.  It's just that SO many have gone sour and gone bad and there are so many in prison for breaking the law and lying and stealing and such that's it's best now to just paint them all with the same brush.  Of course, BECAUSE they are held to a higher standard, the margin for error is much smaller than in other professions.  BECAUSE you have the gun and BECAUSE you can imprison and take away a person's freedom, you should strive that much more to make sure you get it right.  My standard is the old Perry Mason movies from the '50's and '60's.  Do you remember the District Attorney in that show?  He was there to prosecute, but he put as much effort into making sure the guilty were in fact guilty as he did prosecuting them.  At times, it seemed like he and Perry Mason would work together to make sure justice was done.


Now days you read SO many stories about district attorneys withholding material that proves innocence and/or them relying solely on the word of convicted criminals.  Heck, now a days they can charge you with murder when they don't even have a body?  What happened to EVIDENCE?  It's been replaced with "let me see if I can convince 12 people that you did this."  It doesn't matter if you did, I just want to convince people that you did!  And I love these stories about someone being proven innocent years after being in prison only to hear the DA say they believe the person is guilty but will respect the court's decision!  I mean WTF is that about?

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