Let's deal with the obvious first.  Why this web site?  Well, that question can be answered easily.  The free press is why this web site exists, among others that I will discuss later.


Today's news is polarized and it's presented to the people in a polarized fashion.  The "free press" has an opinion now.  The free press has abandoned objectivity and unabashedly picks sides.  The free press is filled with reporters who can no longer be trusted with bringing you objective news, nor can they be trusted to bring you truthful news.  So many have tarnished their careers with lies, embellishments and outright plagiarism.  You read headlines that imply you must be pro-life or pro-choice, or that you can only pick between Hillary or Donald, or that only black lives matter or that all cops are inherently good.  There's no compromise anymore.  There is no truth anymore.  There is no objectivity anymore.  There are SO many things that need to be said, and while I don't expect to change the world with my little blog, I just wanted to get it out there so no one could ever say that what needed to be said wasn't said.


So, this blog contains my opinion.  I do not propose that it is right, nor do I propose that I know everything.  I'm merely providing my point of view and in keeping with my belief that compromise is does not always equal capitulation, I'm willing to both compromise AND have my opinion changed.  Civil discussion is still possible.


Now that all sounds good and great, but why not use Facebook or Twitter or some other social media?  Those companies have agendas as well as the press does and they cannot be trusted to publish opinions that differ from theirs.  The only way to write what I believe to be necessary without censorship is to host and write my own blog.  I don't plan on doing a lot of SEO here because Google will just censor the content or just not index the site at all.  If any attention is brought to this site, it will be word of mouth.


the top of each page contains a summary of my thoughts on the subject.  What I post and my comments are all framed within the context of my positions on the various subjects.  Keep that in mind when you read.


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